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Box / Коробки

Posted: 18 Dec 2022, 11:16
by Suflen
Image - Box of Red Ribbon
Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Life, Jewel of Chaos, Muun Egg

Image - Muun Egg
Luki - Exl Dmg rate 5% / Increases Exp 20%. William - Reflect Dmg 5% / Increases Exp 20%. Tibetton - Critikal Dmg rate 5% / Increases Exp 20%.
Wooparoo - HP 5% / Increases Exp 20%. Chiron - Damage 10% / Increases Exp 20%. Desmodus - Defence 10% / Increases Exp 20%.

Image - Chaos Card
Drop Set Item:
Brass, Plate, Sphinx, Wind, Spirit,Dragon, Legendary, Guardian, Light Plate

Image - Cherry Blossom Play-Box
"Cherry Blossom Wine" "Cherry Blossom Rice Cake" "Cherry Blossom Flower Petal"

Image - Green Box
Jewel of Luck,Jewel of Exelent,Flame of Condor,Weapon Box +5

Image - Red Box
Jewel Of Luck,Jewel Of Excelent,Jewel Of Ancient 1,Jewel Of Ancient 2,Condor Flame

Image - Purple Box
Weapon Box +5,Jewel Of Luck,Flame of Condor,Ancient Item (Grade A / B)

Image - Red Chaos Box
Drop: Flame of Condor,Talisman of Chaos Assembly,Jewel of Extraction,Ancient Item Grade С

Image - Steel Jewellery Case
Ring of Ice,Ring of Poison,Pendant of Lighting,Pendant of Fire,Ring of Fire,Ring of Earth,Ring of Wind,Ring of Magic,Pendant of Ice,Pendant of Wind,Pendant of Water,Pendant of Ability

Image - Weapon Box + 5
/Exc Bone Blade/Exc Explosion Blade/Exc Daybreak/Exc Sword Dancer/Exc Flameberge
/Exc Sword Breaker/Exc Rune Bastard Sword/Exc Sonic Blade/Exc Asura/Exc Rune Blade/Exc Deadly Staff
/Exc Divine Crossbow of Archangel/Exc Great Reign Crossbow/Exc Arrow Viper Bow/Exc Sylph Wind Bow
/Exc Albatross Bow/Exc Dark Stinger/Exc Aileen Bow/Exc Angelic Bow/Exc Devil Crossbow /Exc Frost Mace
/Exc Staff of Kundun/Exc Grand Viper Staff/Exc Platina Staff/Exc Imperial Staff/Exc Chromatic Staff
/Exc Great Lord Scepter/Exc Divine Scepter of Archangel/Exc Soleil Sceptor/Exc Shining Scepter
/Exc Dragon Shield/Exc Legendary Shield/Exc Grand Soul Shield/Exc Elemental Shield